Our Audio Services

We provide top class location audio recordings for individuals and organisations that could not normally afford such services.


We generally offer our services on a not for profit basis.  Examples of the market are:

  • Charitable not for profit organisations
  • Volunteer organisations
  • Local council organisations that do not have budget for this purpose
  • Aspiring film makers with zero or very low budget

Audio Output

We work within the constraints of your audio recording location, providing the highest quality recordings possible for the location.

We produce the recording in broadcast wav file format. Each file can contain up to twelve simultaneous mono audio tracks. We can also supply mp3 file format in need.

You receive a paper or electronic record of the recordings made. This includes the file names, the name of the actor(s) recorded on each microphone and, where applicable, the scene and take to which that file relates.


We can provide voiceover for video productions as needed by Alison Kimble.


Week days are preferred but we may be available on weekends and public holidays with sufficient advance notice.

Experience and Technology

The recordings are created and managed by Kent Fry. We have a lot of experience in small scale productions and will bring this to bear on your project. The recordings are made on high quality, technologically up to date equipment.


We have a lot of experience with the micro four thirds camera system and have a number of cameras and lenses that we primarily use for recording choral concerts. These can be used for film making purposes.

For further details contact Kent Fry. Select Location audio as the subject.