Clearspeak’s Masterclass Video Series

Tired of watching 10-minute videos that leave you wanting to know more?  These videos of approximately one hour by expert speech trainer, Alison Kimble, show you every step as students learn a new sound.  All training is for Standard Neutral English.


See how she applies the unique ClearSpeak techniques to achieve results in remarkably little time.  There are 21 videos, each focusing on a particular sound.  Never mastered that ‘th’ or tricky ‘l’ sound?  Now is your chance.

For students

Discover how other students learn a new sound and walk through each step with them, learn from their mistakes and try out the techniques they are shown.   Many of their struggles will be just like yours.  Alison demonstrates how to overcome each problem so that you, like her students, can succeed where other learning approaches have failed.

You can stream the Masterclass for a problem sound for thirty days.  Either view the video on its own or get the full benefit by searching out the techniques in the Perfect Pronunciation book.  It has a detailed Sound Guide on how to pronounce every English sound.

For trainers

‘Knowing’ how to train a sound is an essential first step but any trainer knows this is not the end of the story.  Reading books such as Perfect Pronunciation can certainly give you all the knowledge you need.  But what about the skill of knowing what to do when your first or second instruction doesn’t work?  Simply repeating these will almost certainly not help.

Alison shows you in the Masterclasses how to shape your students’ error responses step by step.  She demonstrates in real-time how the ClearSpeak techniques are applied and how you can use this experience to get the same successful results yourself.  The classes are a valuable aid not only for trainers new to the field but for the experienced as well.  All are sure to pick up many new tips and training ideas.

You can use the Masterclasses in a couple of ways.  Stream these privately for your own professional learning or use them in your training sessions.  Work through your normal training input with students and then screen the Masterclass for that sound.

The classes have been divided into short segments so you can stop regularly to encourage discussion.  Students can identify with the problems of the screen students and experiment with the tips themselves.  It enriches their learning experience by getting them to interact and talk about the sound, while increasing their understanding of how to make it.

Find the complete list of Masterclass Videos here.

If you’ve already decided to stream a masterclass, here is some background information about what you will see.


  1. The series demonstrates speech pathologist Alison ‘Kimi’ Kimble training students to learn Standard Neutral English sounds. She is author of the ClearSpeak Method of pronunciation training and is a seasoned professional in the field.
  1. Each video focuses on the training of a single sound or closely related sounds. Find the complete list of all videos here.
  1. There are Masterclass Videos and Tutorial Videos. The Masterclass Videos are divided into two parts. Part A introduces the sound and demonstrates how to make it. Part B shows students learning to use the sound in words, phrases, sentences, text and free speech.
    The Tutorial Videos are in one part. Kimi introduces the sound and demonstrates the techniques used to make it. They have no active student participation.
  1. There are Take a Break? points at approximately 10 minute intervals where you or your facilitator can pause for thought or talk through what you have seen.
  1. Technique names are printed in yellow on the screen when they are being demonstrated. The complete index to these is at the back of the Perfect Pronunciation book.  You’ll find more detail about each technique within the Sound Guide of the sound being demonstrated.
  1. The masterclass actors are speaking with their authentic everyday accents. All sessions are filmed in real time and are not ‘acted’ or rehearsed in any way. For the Masterclass Videos, two separate sessions were filmed with different actors for each. These were then edited into the video that you see.
  1. Students are only given correction on pronunciation errors that are the subject of the particular class. All other errors are disregarded.

Videos are not available for sale but may be streamed on demand. You get unlimited access for 30 days from date of purchase. Time-Online members have free access for six months with their course materials.

All videos are protected under ClearSpeak copyright and may not be copied or transmitted without permission.


The classes marked + are available now.  The others will roll out over the coming months so check for new arrivals!  For easy reference, the Masterclass code number for a sound is the same as its Sound Guide number in Perfect Pronunciation.  For example, if you wish to study the /r/ sound in Guide 9 the related video is MC09.



Video Code Masterclass or Tutorial Key Word Available now +
MC01 Stop Sounds /p-b/ /t-d/ /k-g/ +
MC02 Stop Clusters cats asked +
MC04  /θ/ & /ð/ thin that +
MT07  /ʃ – ʒ/ & /tʃ – dʒ/ (contrast/s/ & /z/) shoe chin (sun) +
MC09 /l/ lake +
MC10 /r/ red +
MC11 Final /m/ & /n/ ham been +
MC13 /ŋ/ ring +
MT15 /j/ year +
MC18 /w/ & /f-v/ way face very +


Video Code Masterclass or Tutorial Key Word Available now +
MV17 /i/ (contrasts /ɪ/) feet (bit) +
MV19 /e/ bed +
MV20 /æ/ hat +
MV21 /a/ park +
MV22 /ʌ/ but
MV23 /з/ bird +
MV24 /u/ (contrasts /ʊ/) food (good) +
MV26 /ɔ/ sauce +
MV27 /ɒ/ (contrasts /ɔ/) hot (sauce) +
MT28 /ə/ about +
MV29 /aɪ/ kite
MV30 /aʊ/ cow +
MV32 /eɪ/ gate +
MV33 /oʊ/ low +