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Why not?

  • Be understood first time
  • Ensure your voice is heard
  • Speak out confidently in meetings
  • Boost your career prospects

You can change:

  • Regional or foreign accent
  • Pronunciation and voice clarity
  • Voice lift, energy and power
  • Presentation speaking style


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See Alison 'Kimi' Kimble training the 'th' sound.

Speech and voice improvement specialists As heard on SBS Radio

ClearSpeak provides private tuition in speech and voice improvement. We train all aspects of personal communication style such as accent, pronunciation clarity, intonation, rate of speech, voice use and body language. A major focus is on accent change in both English and Non-English background speakers.  But no matter what your concern, we help you enhance the clarity and quality of your spoken English.

Your speech skills are analysed in detail and a training program is designed specifically for your needs.  There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach.  Whether in or out of the public eye, you are also assured of strict confidentiality under the trainer’s professional Code of Ethics.

Alison Kimble, Director of ClearSpeak, is your speech trainer. She is a professionally qualified speech pathologist and an acknowledged authority in the field of accent and pronunciation change. If you are after the best personal tuition in Sydney, then ClearSpeak is definitely worth a close look.  See (what clients say) to read what Alison’s clients have to say about her training skill.

For those simply looking for training tools, we sell resources for the assessment and training of pronunciation as well as business style.  See (products).